Environmental Studies for a Leading Company Specialized in Manufacturing Products for the Construction Sector


A leading international company specialized in products designed for the construction sector (adhesives, sealants, ceramics and stone materials, wooden flooring, underground construction, waterproofing and chemical products, etc.) was planning to acquire a land plot in 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone to build a factory to produce powder (cement based) and liquids (concrete admixtures & grinding aids).

Phase I Site Assessment/EDD

In the context of identifying the potential environmental liabilities related to this acquisition, the company commissioned Environics to carry out Phase I Site Assessment/Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)

  • Environics carried out the EDD Assessment according to ASTM Standard E 1527-13 (Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments).
  • The assessment activities, that focused on identifying & characterizing significant potential environmental concerns associated with past & current activities taking place at the site location or from off-site sources, covered the following aspects:
    • Contaminated land or other environmental problems;
    • Environmental limitations;
    • Evidence of waste (oils and other chemicals as applicable);
    • Evidence of spillage and releases;
    • Stained soils;
    • Neighboring properties and their use; and
    • Previous site ownership and uses.
  • EDD scope of work encompassed the following:
    • Investigation of the historical conditions of the site based on the publicly available satellite images obtained from Google Earth at different time periods;
    • Review of the area‟s available data: historical, geological, hydrogeological and topographical;
    • Site inspection including a site walk-over;
    • Documentation of visual observations of areas of environmental concern, and;
    • Preparation of Site Assessment report, outlining key findings, conclusions & recommendations.

Soil Analysis Report

  • Based on the subsequent results of the Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) that was carried out earlier for the proposed project site, and which have indicated uncertainty of potential of soil contamination, Environics was re-commissioned by the company to perform soil sampling and analysis in order to identify the soil characteristics at the decontaminated area.
  • Soil was sampled & analyzed from 9 different locations, with a total of 18 soil samples through a certified laboratory, and the results were presented.
  • The analysis results were compared with the Dutch Guidelines (Dutch Target & Intervention, soil remediation circular, 2009) since in Egypt no standards or maximum allowable limits are yet developed for soil contamination.

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