Environmental Site Screening for APDCO Project in Ain Sokhna

  • An industrial investment company intends to establish a petrochemical project “Anchor Propylene Derivatives Complex – APDCO” in Ain Sokhna to produce polypropylene, acrylates and Oxo-Alcohols.
  • In the site selection phase, Environics was commissioned to conduct an environmental evaluation and screening of the potential 6 sites in Sokhna.
  • Environics conducted an intensive desktop literature review, reviewed the available database and satellite images of Sokhna area, considered several environmental aspects during site evaluation, and analyzed the main potential sensitivities and risks at each site.
  • Each site was characterized based on the following criteria: Site context/location/accessibility, physical features (area, topography, etc.), planned Landuse, proximity to Sokhna Port, impact of surrounding activities, access to roads, proximity to the nearest residential area, slope and Flashflood hazard.
  • The main characteristics of each site were given a score (from 1 to 5).  The recommended sites were identified based on Pros and Cons for each site and the importance of some aspects and potential risks.
  • Environics prepared the site screening report including the following:
    • General environmental characteristics of Sokhna region, as the wider area of the proposed six sites;
    • Specific environmental characteristics of each of the six sites;
    • Scoring of the sites;
    • Site screening; and
    • Conclusions regarding the recommended site(s) and those associated with potential significant problems.


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