ESDD for a plastics production company, Badr City


Environics was commissioned to carry out this ESDD of a plastics factory against the IFC requirements.

Environics conducted site visits, interviews and discussions with concerned personnel, and document reviews to prepare the ESDD report.

The report presented the relevant requirements and guidelines and included a description of the factory’s location; site; offices; utilities; production lines and processes, and service units.

The Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) of the company was checked for compliance with: 1- Egyptian HSE legal requirements (inclusive of environmental law and regulations, labor and health and safety law and regulations, etc.), 2- IFC Performance Standards, and 3- IFC General EHS Guidelines, which provides the best practices for HSE performance.

The report was concluded with an action plan to ensure the company’s compliance with the relevant requirements and standards.

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