Feasibility Study for Hazardous Waste Management in the Greater Cairo Region

  • Completed on: 2006
  • Client: US Trade and Development Agency
  • Services: Waste Management

In context of its cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Environmental Affairs, the US Trade and Development Agency had awarded a grant for conducting a feasibility study to evaluate the needs for hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities in Egypt.

Enviro Associates International, Inc. (EAI) was commissioned to prepare this study, and subcontracted Environics to carry out the study for the Greater Cairo region.

Environics conducted document reviews, stakeholder meetings, and site visits to prepare the study. The tasks of the study included:
– Inventory of Hazardous Waste (HW): A short survey of the eight major industrial areas in Egypt, including data on quantity and types of HW in each area, and focusing on selected industrial sectors, which are potential sources of majority of HW.
– Location of HW Treatment Facilities: Identification of the area with largest quantity of HW, with the objective of selecting an area for further evaluation of design and construction of a treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF).
– Treatment Technologies Evaluation: Identification and screening of treatment technologies, and recommending suitable technologies applicable to TSDF. This section included: environmental assessment, preliminary conceptual design, economic/financial analysis, and development impacts analysis.
– Demonstration: Design of a small-scale demonstrative hazardous waste treatment system to be fabricated and installed in a selected industrial city.
– Workshop: Conducting a one-day workshop in Cairo to present the study results to stakeholders, and introduce TSDF concept, design, and operation for the proposed construction in the selected location.
– Final Report: Presenting all results of the above tasks.

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