Wastewater Management System for a Water Heaters Factory

  • The Water Heaters factory of the Electrolux-affiliated Cairo Feeding Industries Company (CFI) manufactures electric and gas water heaters.
  • To ensure compliance of the factory’s wastewater (WW) discharge, Electrolux commissioned Environics to carry the following tasks:
    •  Investigation of WW characteristics
    • Treatability study for identification of the optimum WW treatment alternatives
    • Basic and detailed design of the single optimum treatment alternative
    • Preparation of the Tender Documents needed for the bidding stage of construction of the alternative approved by the facility
    • Technical support of the client during bids evaluation
    • Supervision of the construction and startup of the approved alternative.
  • Environics, in association with the National Research Center (NRC) and EnviroConsult, carried out and managed the following to fulfill the required tasks:
    • Investigation of WW characteristics.
    • Treatability study for identification of the optimum wastewater treatment alternatives:
      • Comprehensive sampling and analysis campaign representing the variable discharge schedule.
      • Identification of WW flow rate at the main discharge points.
      • Documentation of the activities, experimental tests, and calculations.
    • Prepare basic and detailed designs of the WW Management Scheme, followed by preparation of tender documents for constructing the WW plant and evaluation of the bidders.
    • Supervising the construction work.
    • End-of-pipe sampling and analysis.
  • An End of Project Report was prepared to document the main project components, limitations, change of the design, results of the compliance analysis and the essential conditions of efficient operation, as well as   compliance of the final effluents.

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