HSE Regulatory Compliance Audit for an industrial company operations, Ras El-Khaimah, UAE


Environics was commissioned to conduct an HSE regulatory compliance audit at the Bredero Shaw Middle East Ltd (BSMEL) operations in Ras al Khaimah, UAE.

The BSMEL operation consists of a four separate coating plants, namely: Concrete Weight Coating, Internal Coating, Three Layer Coating, and Specialty Coating. In addition to the coating operations, the facility has production support, maintenance, as well as warehouse operations, workshops and utilities.

The audit team participated in several meetings and conducted field visits (including plant, yard and dock) to observe each ongoing operation at the site.

A review of health (e.g., medical monitoring, workplace exposure, personal dosimetry, etc.), safety (e.g., permits, training, etc.) and environment (e.g., stack testing, water quality, etc.) was performed and noteworthy issues were observed during the audit.

An audit summary report was prepared including regulatory compliance findings as well as management system observations.

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