Implementation of the Shutdown on Demand (SoD) without radar programme for wind power projects at Gabal El-Zeit for Autumn 2019


Environics was commissioned by NREA to carry out the the Shutdown on Demand (SOD) programme without radar for the wind power projects at Gabal El-Zeit (240, 220 and 120 MW plants that are financed by KfW, JICA and the Spanish Government), for Autumn 2019.

The scope of work includes:

· Implementation of the SoD programme, without radar, for specified vantage points at each of the three sites.

· Establishment of a database for the Autumn 2019 migratory season, comprising bird numbers; flight orientation; altitude; shutdown turbines and circuits, and complete and partial shutdown periods.

· Development of a GIS map for the distribution of vantage points, turbines and circuits; orientation and altitude of birds, and periodic distribution of bird flight orientation over the sites.

· Preparation and submitting of weekly, monthly and final reports documenting, presenting and analyzing all data and results, in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles.

· Holding a final workshop at NREA premises to present the final results to the concerned stakeholders (partners and lenders).

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