Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant for Unilever Mashreq


In abidance with Unilever’s commitment to complying with the local environmental regulations of the countries where it operates, Unilever Mashreq’s plant for personal care products at the 6th of October Industrial Zone was to establish a wastewater treatment unit.

The company commissioned Environics to devise an optimal and implementable scheme for treatment of industrial water.

Environics first carried out site visits to investigate conditions of the plant and identify the timing and location of the samples to be taken for analysis, as well as the parameters to be analyzed.

In order to recommend the best treatment alternative for the end-of-pipe effluent, a detailed treatability study was carried out by the National Research Center (NRC).

Based on the results of this study, Environics prepared a report on the investigations of the industrial wastewater treatment alternatives and the identification of the best alternative.

This was followed by the development of the basic designs of the two most feasible and effective treatment methods.

Finally, Environics prepared the tender document for the project.

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