West Sitra Environmental Profile Study

  • Shell Egypt N.V. was awarded an exploration concession in West Sitra, situated in Qattara Depression of the Western Desert.  To be able to initiate activities in West Sitra, the company had to prepare an environmental profile for the area.
  • Environics, in association with the Scientific Institute for Development and the Environment (SIDE), were contracted to conduct an environmental profile study of the area that covers its physical, biological, and socio-cultural elements.
  • Environics and SIDE conducted and reported on an environmental profile study, which ensured comprehensive coverage of the area’s attributes.  The study encompassed the entire Qattara Depression, its southern satellite depressions, and the ecologically sensitive coastal belt to its north.
  • The study entailed conducting through literature reviews, field surveys, analyses & assessments of the following:
    • Relevant national and international laws and regulations.
    • Geomorphology, geology, and meteorology.
    • Ecology, biodiversity and bio hot spots.
    • Socioeconomic and archaeological aspects.
  • The environmental profile fully described and accounted for the status of the area subsequent to the exploration and appraisal activities that had taken place before awarding the concession to Shell Egypt N.V. The profile study identified the environmental sensitivities, recommended steps for environmental preservation and commitment to good neighbour policy, and proposed further studies to apply the recommendations.

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