Integration of Energy Efficiency in the Strategies of Four Selected Industrial Sectors

  • The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) is leading the development of four sectoral strategies including chemical, construction and building materials, Food and Ready-made garments and textiles.  MTI is supported in this respect by the EU programme for Trade and Domestic Market Enhancement (TDMEP).
  • Environics was commissioned to carry out the policy integration exercise for the above-mentioned industrial sectors.
  • The overarching objective of the assignment was to bring forward means by which the four industrial sectors can achieve higher energy efficiency to foster their world-wide competitiveness, improve the security of energy supply and guarantee sustainable production in Egypt.
  • Environics tailored the IEE strategy according to each sector’s strategy based on:
    • Review of relevant documents.
    • Investigating sector peculiarities and characteristics as relevant to the IEE strategy.
    • Discussions in stakeholder sector strategy meetings.
  • The applicability of the IEE proposed policies to each of the sectors of concern was specified and tailored, whenever relevant, to its specific characteristics.  And whenever applicable, the links to the MTI 2020 Strategy, the FEI Chambers’ Vision as well as the MSMEs, Innovation and Entrepreneurship National Strategy (2017-2022) were highlighted.
  • A separate detailed report was produced for each sector, as well as a final synthesis report to compile the findings of the reports of specific sectors, including a consolidated budget and timeline, for easy reference.

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