IEIA and Environmental Consultancy for Sahl Hasheesh International Resort City (SHIRC), Hurghada

  • Continuous support to the planning process and review of the project’s Master Plan (MP) drafts to ensure that the planning process considered environmental & socioeconomic aspects.
  • Comprehensive baseline study, covering the physical, biological (comprising coastal & marine surveys) & socioeconomic environments.
  • EIA Report, including assessment of the final MP.
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the project.
  • Comprehensive Resource Management Plan.
  • Waste Management Strategy and Solid Waste Management Guidelines.
  • MP was significantly improved to: exclude wadis and waterways that were subject to flashflood risks; apply a better landscape strategy by which local floral species were conserved; decrease the water bodies and leisure areas to better serve the sustainability of the investment both economically and environmentally, and prevent potentially harmful marine interventions of the investment.
  • Comprehensive EIA for the development of Lot 15 of the project.
  • EIA for the repair and preventive maintenance works to ensure the safety and durability of the resort’s pier in 2012.

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