Market and Demand Analysis for Cleaner Production Related Services


In an initiative to enhance the competitiveness and the productivity of Egypt’s industry, the Egypt National Cleaner Production Center (ENCPC) was established as a service provider within the program for “Technology Transfer and Innovation Centers” (TTICs) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI).

ENCPC requested a market survey and assessment to identify the demand for environmental services in specific industrial sectors. Environics was contracted to conduct this survey.

Environics conducted a survey to assess cleaner production services including energy, water, and waste management.

The survey employed questionnaires that were forwarded to several industrial facilities from different sectors.

The survey also involved conducting meetings and workshops for concerned entities, including heads of the chambers of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) and its board members, as well as the service providers at the time.

Cluster sampling technique was used to create a representative sample of industries.

The survey’s results were analyzed to indicate business lines and develop a business plan.

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