PepsiCo Tanta Audit, as part of PepsiCo’s Global Environmental, Health & Safety Management System (GEHSMS) Audit Program

  • Environics, in association with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), was commissioned to carry out a virtual audit (due to COVID-19) for PepsiCo’s site in Tanta, as part of PepsiCo Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (GEHSMS) Audit Program.
  • The audit consisted of two parts: an audit of the facility’s compliance with PepsiCo’s GEHSMS Standards, and a certification audit for ISO 14001/45001. Environics auditors conducted the compliance audit part with PepsiCo’s GEHSMS Standards, while ERM conducted the certification part.
  • Environics auditors reviewed site-specific information and documentation provided by the site, as well as followed and completed the audit protocol. Interviews with site personnel were held virtually through online Zoom application. A daily debrief was given to provide a high-level summary of the day’s issues. At the end of the audit, closing meeting session was conducted to provide the overall findings of the compliance audit.

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