Phase I Site Assessment for a Cable Manufacturing facility

  • Environics was assigned to conduct the Environmental Due Diligence (EDD – Phase I Site Assessment) to evaluate a cable manufacturing facility and its site and identify the environmental aspects that may impact the value or operability of the establishment.
  • Environics carried out the assessment using the ASTM Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process (Standard Designations E 1527-00, June 2000).
  • Based on the assessment, key environmental issues of concern were identified in accordance with the national environmental laws and regulations.
  • Phase I Assessment entailed the following:
    • Site reconnaissance, which included investigating the site conditions, such as landuse, operating conditions, and environmental conditions.
    • Environmental audit, interviews, and documents review, which examined the environmental performance of the facility, covering licenses and permits; environmental impact assessment (EIA); environmental liabilities towards the competent authorities; wastewater issues; workplace conditions and health and safety measures; solid and hazardous waste management, and emissions in the working environment.
    • Investigating the material handing system and its consistence with the environmental requirements.

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