Waste Assessment for Retail Outlets of Mansour Manufacturing and Distribution (MMD)


In accordance with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, Mansour Manufacturing and Distribution (MMD) had decided to enhance its existing waste management system. This was to ensure higher levels of compliance that suited their innovative business approaches.

In that context, MMD was to initiate a targeted mapping exercise that covered its retail outlets of Metro and Kheir Zaman (M/KZ). MMD commissioned Environics and Ahead of The Curve (ATC) to carry out an analysis and evaluation of its waste management system, through the identification of opportunities for waste valorization and utilization of recycled and recyclable products.

Environics carried out document review of systems and policies, field visits, and interviews with sample groups to fulfill the assignment. This study was designed to investigate, analyze, and evaluate the existing waste management and disposal system, in environmental, economic and social terms, and identify opportunities for waste valorization. The study was to also lay the basis for potential detailed feasibility studies of superior options, in a subsequent phase. The opportunities and recommendations were discussed to detail the needed preliminary actions, waste minimization activities and techniques, waste valorization options, and suggestions to expand MMD’s environmental approach.

Another study developed within the scope of this assignment was a waste assessment for MMD’s Siclam for Dairy Processing in Alexandria. This study entailed assessing the existing factory’s waste generation, air emissions and gas developments to identify opportunities for reduction; evaluating potentials of waste recycling within or outside the factory; preparing cost estimate and feasibility study for each opportunity; identifying a short list of opportunities for waste valorization based on environmental, economic and social criteria; and preparing sound waste management plans to minimize waste generation and ensure proper disposal.

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