Phase II Environmental Site Assessment for a confectionery company, Alexandria


A confectionery company was intending to purchase one of two new sites for expanding its activities. The company contracted Environics to conduct environmental assessments of its site and the two sites proposed for purchase.

The Phase I environmental assessments (EAs) aimed at identifying and assessing environmental conditions that may impact the values and/or environmental liabilities of the proposed project sites, positively or adversely.

Further to Phase I EAs, Environics was requested to conduct a Phase II Site Assessment (SA) to identify potential recognized environmental conditions at one of the proposed sites.

The purpose of Phase II SA was to determine the nature and extent of contamination, which would assist in making informed business decisions about the property prior to entry and/or capital investment.

Environics conducted a Phase II SA, which entailed site description; field exploration; sampling and chemical analyses for soil and subsurface water; evaluation of results, and discussion of findings.

The soil and subsurface water sampling and analyses covered parameters such as pH; Total Petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH); Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs); BTEX; Total dissolved solids (TDS); Total Suspended Solids (TSS); Dissolved oxygen (DO), and Biological oxygen demand (BOD).

The Phase II report provided the necessary recommendations for acquiring the proposed site to expand the company.

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