Restructuring the Road Safety Division of the Egyptian General Authority for Roads, Bridges, and Land Transport (GARBLT)

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Egypt hired COWI to provide consulting services on its project for the Restructuring of the Road Safety Division of GARBLT.

The aim of the project was to activate the role of the Road Safety Division by reforming its regulatory framework in line with the EU best practices, and building its institutional capacity.

Environics contributed to this project through:
– Reviewing Egyptian and European legislation on the road sector, with focus on the safety issues, and including the regulatory framework, role and rights of GARBLT, and possible overlaps with other state authorities;
– Assisting in forming a project working group, with representatives from GARBLT and the Ministry of Transport (MoT);
– Assisting in a rapid review of GARBLT and road safety work in Egypt, which involved: collecting and analyzing relevant documents and reports; organizing and joining field visits to assess existing road safety measures; participating in planning and conducting meetings with concerned authorities and stakeholders, and recommending realistic implementation actions for GARBLT;
– Providing input to the Twinning Fiche of the Restructuring of the Road Safety Division Project, which served to guide and regulate the cooperation between GARBLT/MoT and the EU;
– Assisting in providing policy advice and support to MoT and GARBLT on road safety and institutional restructuring;
– Assisting in guiding GARBLT in the preparation of a road safety strategy, and
– Assisting in some logistics, such as interpretation and translation.

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