Preparation and Update of Environmental Register for L’ Oreal Plant, 10th of Ramadan



L’Oreal Egypt, one of the production facilities of L’Oréal International, was established in February 2015. The company produces hair care, hair coloration, and skin care products and operates one of the first LEED silver certified factories in Egypt and is also certified against ISO 9001.

Environics was commissioned to prepare an Environmental Register (ER) for the facility, located at Pyramids Industrial Park, 10th of Ramadan City.

Site investigations were carried out to study the production processes and utilities. Environics produced the Environmental and Hazardous Materials and Wastes Register for the facility that included: the processes and utilities, air emissions, workplace pollutants and liquid and solid wastes, environmental management, and hazardous substances and wastes register.


After modifying and upgrading its plant, L’Oreal Cosmetics Egypt commissioned Environics to update the Environmental and Hazardous Substances and Wastes Registers that it previously prepared for the plant after its establishment in 2015.

Based on document review and site visit, Environics carried out the following:

• Review and update of the existing self-monitoring plan
• Evaluation of environmental compliance
• Update of the Environmental and Hazardous Substances and Wastes Registers, covering: present production, service units and latest modifications at the facility, with reference to environmental improvement efforts by the facility aiming at reduction of CO2 emissions and natural resource consumption.

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