Training modules on environmental inspection of three industries


Within the mandate of the Support to the Decentralization of Environmental Management (SDEM) component of DANIDA’s Environmental Sector Programme (ESP), Environics was commissioned to develop and implement training modules for the General Department for Inspection and the Regional Branch Offices (RBOs) of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

The training modules were to cover three industries: fertilizers, cement and grain milling.

The modules were designed according to the needs of the trainees and taking into account their acquired knowledge and experience. The training objectives were divided into knowledge and skills objectives and the trainers were both industrial and academic experts.

The training relied on the sector-specific industrial inspection manuals that Environics had already developed within the scope of FINNIDA’s Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAP).

The training methodology was interactive and included illustrative lectures; case studies; emphasis on technical aspects, such as estimation of emission factors and following up environmental monitoring plans of industrial facilities; field visits, and group discussions.

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