Preparation of the Environmental and Hazardous Substances and Wastes Registers


Galaxy Chemicals Egypt Company commissioned Environics to prepare the environmental and hazardous substances and wastes registers covering the present production and service units at Galaxy facility in Attaqa, Suez.

Environics reviewed and used the available information and latest environmental measurements provided, as well as conducted a site visit to be updated of the current facility activities and associated environmental aspects.

The findings were used to review and update the present self-monitoring plan and evaluate the environmental compliance of the facility with the applicable legal environmental requirements.

The environmental and hazardous substances and wastes registers were prepared in accordance with the standard requirements of Annex (3) of the Executive Regulations for Law 4/1994 modified by Laws 9/2009 and 105/2015.

Upon the client’s request, Environics also provided an English translation of the Environmental Register.

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