EIA Study and Analytical Study of Satellite Images to determine shore erosion and alternative protection measures, Hurghada

  • SPECTRA Co. for Real Estate and Touristic Investment (one of Raslan’s Group of Companies) was in the process of establishing Palma House Resort tourism project in Hurgada.  In addition, the company was planning to feed the beach in the project area with sand because it had encountered erosion, and that aimed at restoring the shoreline’s condition before the erosion and to be in line with the shoreline of adjacent touristic villages.
  • The company commissioned Environics to prepare an analytical study of satellite images to determine shore erosion and alternative protection measures for the project, followed by a full EIA study.

Analytical study of satellite images

  • The analytical study was prepared to identify site characteristics, analyzing and comparing satellite images of the shoreline over different years to detect changes and determine the extent of erosion in the beach.
  • A field visit was carried out to the project site to determine the condition of the beach and the condition of the marine environment in the area corresponding to the project through a rapid marine survey.
  • In addition, shore protection alternatives were proposed to protect the beach from erosion and avoid any risks or threats to the constructions due to this erosion.  The best alternative was recommended in terms of expected efficiency and economic feasibility, and environmental impacts were assessed for the selected alternative.

Full EIA Study

  • A full EIA study (Form-C) was prepared following the analytical study.
  • A field visit was carried out to perform field and marine surveys in the project site and the surrounding area, documents and published reports in this field were reviewed, GIS was used in the process of analyzing and evaluating data and the preparation of illustrative maps.
  • The study encompassed: description of the project and description of the baseline environment, the relevant legal and regulatory framework, analysis of alternatives, assessment of environmental impacts and proper mitigation measures, as well as the environmental management and monitoring plan.

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