Shoreline Assessment and Determination of Construction Setback Area for a Tourism Project at Abu Suma Bay, Safaga

  • Within the scope of establishing a tourism development project at Suma Bay, a shoreline assessment and determination of construction setback area were necessary to ensure the protection of the project from factors such as erosion and flooding, either caused by natural conditions or climate change, as well as during storms. Environics
  • Environics carried out literature and documents review, as well as site visits and investigations, to prepare the study, which included:
    • Description of the characteristics and conditions of the study area.
    • Study of the shoreline changes, based on tracing satellite imagery changes along a number of decades.
    • Description of the basis for calculating the highest sea level, according to: Tides; Sea Level Rise (SLR); Pressure Surge; Storm Surge, and Wave Setup.
    • Detailing of the criteria for the determination of the setback area, based on the criteria and guidelines of the Egyptian concerned authority, namely the Shore Protection Agency.

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