Site Assessment and Investigation Studies for a Pharmaceuticals Plant in Zaitoun, Cairo


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was carried out for a pharmaceuticals company site located in Zaitoun, Cairo, Egypt.
  • The Environmental Audit was performed in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-05 practices for ESA.
  • Environics conducted a two days site visit which involved meeting with several managers of plant’s departments, site audit and documents review.
  • The assessment activities focused on identifying and characterization of significant potential environmental liabilities associated with past and current activities taking place at the site location.
  • The assessment did not include any sampling and analysis.  The issues that were investigated included:
    • Air Emissions.
    • Wastewater; domestic and industrial
    • Work Environment Conditions.
    • Spills Management & Containment means.
    • Chemicals and Waste Management (Solid & Hazardous Waste).
    • USTs.
    • Asbestos, PCBs and Ozone Depletion Substances.
    • Radiation
    • Potential contamination of the soil and groundwater.
    • Availability and Updating of Permits and Contracts related to the Environment.
  • Based on the site assessment, key environmental issues of concern and their significance were identified and recommendations for further characterization of the nature and extent of potential contamination were made.

Soil & Groundwater Investigation, UST

  • Upon the removal of two underground diesel tanks from its pharmaceutical plant in Zaitoun area, the company commissioned Environics to conduct a soil and groundwater investigation to ensure that the soil and groundwater were not affected in the area surrounding the underground retention basin.
  • The scope of work included soil and groundwater sampling and analysis.
  • Environics contracted a drilling company for drilling boreholes (BH) and a groundwater monitoring well, and a licensed laboratory for soil and groundwater sampling and analysis.  It supervised the subcontractors during drilling and sampling.
  • Environics prepared an assessment report for the investigation process and the soil and groundwater analysis results based on EPA and EU Criteria.

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