Site Investigation for a Water Bottling Facility

  • Environics, in cooperation with ACE Consulting Engineers Moharram.Bakhoum, was commissioned to investigate and evaluate the environmental status of a site where a water bottling facility was located.  The site was close to the intersection of the regional ring road (highway) and Khatatba-Berkash road, Giza governorate.
  • The site investigation aimed at identifying and evaluating the environmental compliance with the national laws and standards.
  • Moreover, Environics was requested to identify the legal framework of a new groundwater bottling facility that will replace the current one.
  • The scope of work included: conducting a site visit, literature review of the area biodiversity as well as review and identification of the national laws and regulations for the new project, including: regulations pertaining to air emissions and noise, the authorities in charge, and Environmental approval requirements.
  • The environmental performance of the site was evaluated based on the current activities, in place mitigation and control measures and compliance with the national law.  The evaluation also took into account site limitations.
  • Environics prepared the site investigation report which encompassed: site location, history and description, site investigation details and limitations, the water bottling process, the areas of potential concern identified and recommended for further intrusive investigation, as well as evaluation of the environmental status and the obligatory legal framework of the current site, and the legal framework and requirements of the new project.

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