Socio-economic Study for the Sallum Marine Protected Area in Egypt

  • The Regional Project for the Development of a Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MPAs) Network through the boosting of MPA Creation and Management (MedMPAnet Project) is implemented by the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (UNEP/MAP-RAC/SPA) through financial support of the European Commission (EC), the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation to Development (AECID) and the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM).
  • The objective of the MedMPAnet project is to enhance the effective conservation of regionally important coastal and marine biodiversity features, through the creation of an ecologically coherent MPA network in the Mediterranean region.
  • The project proposed an activity for Egypt, aiming at carrying out a socio-economic study for the Sallum Bay MPA.
  • Environics carried out the study, which included:
    • Literature review and data collection to fill gaps in fisheries knowledge by establishing a description of fisheries in the area, in particular the small-scale fishery, and assessing: fishing grounds; spatial and temporal distribution; historical statistics, and marketing structure and mechanisms, as well as fleet and boat characteristics and marine resources;
    • Field surveys covering concerned administrations, fishermen, local population, tourist operators, and others;
    • Analysis of the touristic and other relevant activity in the area;
    • Identification and analysis of the sector-based development plans for fishing, tourism and basic infrastructure (projects for roads/motorways, ports, marinas, etc.), and
    • Identification and analysis of stakeholders through technical expertise: (i) identify stakeholders (individuals and organized groups) to participate in the MPA management process, (ii) survey needs and demands from stakeholders and (iii) propose the outlines of a participatory mechanism tailored to the Sallum Bay MPA.

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