Survey of the Seasonal Birds of Burullus for West Nile Delta (WND) Project of BP

  • As part of the environmental studies required for BP’s West Nile Delta (WND) project, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) commissioned Environics to carry out an ornithological evaluation study covering the Lake Burullus Protected Area and one of the WND project sites.
  • The study compiled four individual surveys of each of the seasons between April 2012 and February 2013.
  • The research design included three data collection protocols following a sampling approach to maximize the coverage and representation of all key habitat units and their geographic distribution in the region.
  • The final report comprised:
    • A description of the birds of Lake Burullus; Presentation of avian habitats and their significance;
    • Discussion of the threats specific to bird life in Lake Burullus and its environs;
    • Demonstration of the importance of Lake Burullus for birds, and
    • Project site assessment.

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