System of Indicators on Industrial Pollution and Compliance in Egypt


The Industry Unit of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) aims at improving the environmental performance of the industrial sector and formulating EEAA vision and policies for industry-related activities.

Within the context of its support to the unit, the FINNIDA-funded Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAP) commissioned Environics to develop a set of indicators to assess the environmental performance of industry and the effectiveness of used regulatory tools.

The indicators were to: Guide the decision-making process regarding the required interventions to improve environmental performance; Update and produce a refined set of emission factors for the Egyptian industry, and Produce a set of specific consumption of input material within the framework of the preparation of a national benchmarking of industries.

• Environics conducted document research, stakeholders meetings and site visits to prepare a study on the “Environmental Performance Indicators for Industry.”
• The study aimed at designing a system of indicators to provide an overview on the environmental performance of industry, especially regarding compliance with laws and regulations, process efficiency, adoption of sound management systems, and the effectiveness of environmental regulatory policies and systems addressing industry.
• The indicators were divided into four categories: compliance with environmental laws; pollution; implementation of cleaner production, and effectiveness of regulatory tools.
• The study concluded with a section on the roles of these indicators as decision-making tools.

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