EIA for Overhead Power Transmission Lines


The Egyptian Propylene and Polypropylene Company (EPPC) needed to construct an overhead power transmission line to deliver electricity to their facility from the main grid towers located on Damietta – Port Said Main Road. Five transmission towers were required to connect the facility to the existing power grid.

The proposed line was to cross over a section of lake Manzala. EPPC contracted Environics to:
– Review and assess the proposed tower locations and power line routing
– Prepare an EIA – Category B study satisfying the requirements of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)

Environics reviewed all the relevant documents and carried out field visits to prepare the Category B ESIA study for the project, which comprised:
– Detailed description of construction works required for the completion of the proposed project;
– Description of the aquatic environment at Lake Manzala;
– Proposed mitigation measures for preventing or minimizing potential impacts associated with the proposed works; and,
– An Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP) to account for the duration of the construction phase.

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