Technical support for developing and operating the industrial hazardous waste management system in KSA


Within the context of its National Program for Management and Treatment of Industrial Hazardous Waste (HW), the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) of KSA had issued environmental rules and regulations concerning the management of HW.

In this respect, the Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Company (SEPCO) was in the process of operating a number of incinerators for industrial hazardous waste in several Saudi cities.

Within the activities of the programme’s first phase, SEPCO commissioned Environics to provide technical support on developing HW management guidelines, training, and raising awareness of the industrial sector.

Environics conducted thorough research of international HWM regulations and practices, relied on its long experience in this field in Egypt, and carefully studied the Saudi laws and regulations, as well as SEPCO’s waste management system and practices to prepare guidelines on the relevant industrial hazardous waste management components, which covered: temporary storage, transportation and incineration. The guidelines included:

– Legal framework of HW storage, transportation, and incineration in KSA.
– Technical, operational, and human resources requirements.
– Environmental management of facilities and sites.
– Relevant specifications and general provisions.
– Summary of roles and responsibilities.

Environics then provided training on the use of the guidelines for SEPCO’s staff and trainers.

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