Updating Environmental and Hazardous Substances and Wastes Registers for SC Johnson


Environics was commissioned by SC Johnson Wax Egypt to update the environmental and hazardous substances and wastes registers covering the present SC Johnson facility. The register was prepared in accordance with the requirements of Annex (3) of the executive regulations of law 4/1994, modified by Law 105/2015.

In addition, Environics informed the facility team of how to best prepare the register through refining the entered data, which is provided by several departments of the facility.

The scope of work encompassed: a site visit to update the facility information based on the recent activities, the associated environmental aspects and the relevant abatement measures.

Meetings were carried out with the production, engineering, warehouse, quality, and HSE teams, who also accompanied Environics team during the visit, to better inform them of the type of collected data relevant to the register.

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