EIA for animal fodder facility of New Hope Egypt Ltd.


New Hope Egypt, Ltd., was in process of establishing an animal fodder (for poultry and fish) facility at the 7th Industrial Zone of Sadat City, El-Munufiya Governorate. The product was to be distributed to the local market, while the raw materials were to be imported. According to the Egyptian regulations, this project requires a Category B EIA. The company commissioned Environics to prepare the study.

Environics carried out site visits and document reviews to prepare the EIA, which covered the facility’s components: – Production units (including fodder grinder, blender, granulator, crusher, and packer), – Service units (including: boiler, electricity generator, workshop, and others), and – Storage area and silos. The EIA described the project’s construction and operation phases; presented the environmental management and mitigation plan, as well as the monitoring programme.

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