EIA for poultry and protein fish fodder facility

AlHaditha Company, one of the AlWadi Group Holding companies, was in the process of establishing a poultry and protein fish fodder facility at the 6th Industrial Zone of Sadat City, Munufuya. Environics was commissioned to prepare the EIA required for this project.

According to the Egyptian laws and regulations, this project required a Form B EIA study. Environics conducted site visits and document reviews to develop the study, which covered the construction and operation phases of the facility.

The EIA included descriptions of the project’s components, processes and utilities, as well as the baseline environment. The study also comprised an analysis of the proper management and environmental impacts of the project’s air emissions, industrial wastewater, and liquid and solid wastes, in addition to a discussion of the project’s alternatives and a presentation of an environmental management plan.

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