EIA for the Continuous Pipe Reactor (CPR) Pilot Unit at the Suez Oil Processing Company (SOPC)


CTIP Oil & Gas was planning to establish a Continuous Pipe Reactor (CPR) Pilot Unit Project at the Suez Oil Processing Company (SOPC) to test the process of “hydro-cracking” the residual feedstock from the refinery, to produce a higher yield of lighter hydrocarbon with less sulfur content. The plant was to be erected inside the SOPC Refinery at Suez, and positioned so as to make easy the connection of the plant with the existing process and utilities mains.

Environics was commissioned to carry out the Category B EIA required for the project.

For the purpose of preparing a comprehensive Form-B EIA, Environics conducted the following activities:

– Review of the proposed project and design
– Conducting field reconnaissance visits
– Collecting data and describing the environmental baseline for the site and its hinterland
– Identification and assessment of the environmental impacts
– Recommending mitigation measuring and comparing the alternatives
– Presenting the final Form B to EEAA and assisting in responding to their queries

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