EIA – Scoped (B) Study for Natural Gas Power Generators with BOT system within the “Eastern Company”

  • ECS (Energy and Contracting Solution), a company specialized in electro-mechanical works and power, intended to establish and operate natural gas power generators with 10 MW capacity and BOT system within the borders of the “Eastern Company” in 6th of October industrial area.  The aim of the project was to supply Eastern Company with electricity, achieve sustainability in production and face power cut problems.
  • ECS commissioned Environics to prepare the EIA study for the proposed project.
  • Environics reviewed project’s data, conducted a field visit to the site, studied the baseline environment (physical environment, biological environment & socio-economic environment), and contracted a certified lab. to perform air quality and noise measurements inside and outside the project site to determine their current baseline status.
  • A scoped (B) EIA study was prepared encompassing: description of the project and the environmental aspects associated with the construction and operation activities, the relevant environmental laws, analysis of project alternatives and used technologies, assessment of the expected environmental impacts & recommended mitigation measures.  The study also included the environmental management and monitoring plan required to observe the project’s environmental performance and sustain compliance.
  • Moreover, Environics provided technical support and follow-up until the company obtained approval from EEAA.

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