EIA Study and Environmental Audit, for El-Wataneya for Glass, in 10th of Ramadan Industrial City

  • El-Wataneya for Glass has a production facility in the 10th of Ramadan industrial city, which manufactures glass containers of different sizes and shapes.
  • The company was planning to install an additional production line in the same facility to double the production capacity.
  • According to the national laws & regulations, this new addition necessitates carrying out an EIA.
  • Additionally, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) requested an Environmental Audit for the existing facility, since it was established before the application of the national environmental regulations.
  • This project required a Category B EIA, which covered the construction and operation of the new line that was to be served by the existing utilities of the facility.
  • The Environmental Audit evaluated the environmental status of the facility, identified areas of concern, investigated whether the practices were in line with the environmental regulations, and recommended compliance practices as required.
  • The audit entailed measuring pollution levels, reviewing documents, and holding interviews.
  • The audit findings analyzed air emissions; wastewater; solid waste; hazardous waste; environmental aspects of the workplace, and the environmental register.
  • Pollution abatement options, conclusions and recommendations were proposed in the audit report.

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