EIA Study for the Expansions within SCJ Facility in Egypt


Environics, has conducted several  multifaceted environmental assessment project for SC Johnson Wax (SCJ) at their Belbeis Industrial area facility in Khanka, Qaliubeya Governorate. This project comprised two crucial phases, Environics has provided an  extensive range of services and expertise.

Phase 1: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study for Planned Expansions

Environics conducted a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study to evaluate the potential environmental implications of SC Johnson Wax’s planned facility expansions. Services included data collection, field visits, environmental measurements analysis, baseline environment study, risk assessment, international standards review, chemical compatibility analysis, and the integration of a Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) Study.

Phase 2: Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Environmental Form for Updates and Modifications

In the second phase, Environics prepared an IDA Environmental Form for SC Johnson Wax Egypt’s updates and modifications to their facility. Services encompassed data review, field assessments, form preparation, environmental impact analysis, and the development of an Environmental Management Plan to mitigate potential environmental impacts. These collective efforts aimed to ensure regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability, and safety at the SC Johnson Wax facility. Environics’ dedication to delivering meticulous and comprehensive assessments underlines our commitment to excellence in environmental consulting services.

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