Environmental Studies for the Alternative Fuel Plant in SIDC, Ain Sokhna

  • Geocycle Egypt Co., owned by LAFARGE Egypt, was planning to establish an Alternative Fuel (AF) platform within the First Industrial Park in Ain Sokhna owned by Suez Industrial Development Company (SIDC).
  • The raw materials being processed to produce alternative fuel consisted of:
    • Rejects from industrial, commercial & municipal wastes (free of organic material & contaminants). The sorting process is mainly carried out at Geocycle waste sorting facilities located in Suez & Qalyubia governorates.
    • Preliminary shredded agriculture residues such rice straw, cotton stalks and tree trimmings.
  • The objective of the project was to produce Ready-to-burn Alternative Fuels for Cement kilns, contribute to the improvement of the quality of environment and minimize the risks or effects of pollution potentially resulting from the landfilling of industrial and municipal wastes and burning of agriculture wastes.


Scoped EIA Study

  • Environics was commissioned to carry out the Scoped ElA study for the project, covering the construction & operation phases of the facility.
  • The study was prepared in accordance with the Egyptian regulations. It reviewed available and publicly related researches, literature and previous desk studies as well as field surveys.
  • The scoped EIA described the project, presented the relevant legal & administrative framework; studied the baseline environment; analyzed project alternatives; assessed the environmental impacts and recommended proper mitigation measures, as well as provided a framework for an environmental management and monitoring plan (EMMP).


Preparation of the Environmental Register

  • Environics prepared the Environmental and Hazardous Substances and Wastes Registers for the Alternative Fuel (AF) facility in Sokhna.
  • The scope of this assignment included: investigation of the current components within the facility, the associated environmental aspects and the current abatement measures performed by the facility.
  • Environics reviewed the available documents, conducted a site visit to the facility and evaluated environmental compliance based on the visit findings, the latest environmental measurements and the implemented management practices of materials & different wastes.
  • The Register was prepared in accordance with the requirements of Annex (3) of the executive regulation of Law 4/1994 modified by Law 9/2009 and Law 105/2015.  It comprised two parts:
    • The Environmental Status Register.
    • The Hazardous Substances & Wastes Register.


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