ESDD for Gypsum Boards Production Facility in Suez & 3 Supply Quarries in Ras Sidr, South Sinai

  • Environics, in association with IBIS, was commissioned to undertake an Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) for a facility that manufactures gypsum boards located in Suez and 3 quarries located in Ras Sidr, South Sinai.
  • The ESDD aimed at assessing the facility and its supply chain’s Environmental and Social (E&S) management system and structures related to their activities; providing a contextual review of the region where the production facility and its supply chain operates; assessing the E&S performance against the stipulated Reference Framework, and providing corrective actions on any gaps or opportunities identified in the form of a concise E&S action plan.
  • The ESDD was prepared in accordance with 2012 IFC Performance Standards (IFC PS) and applicable IFC Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines (including General EHS Guidelines and the EHS Guidelines for Mining); Core ILO Labour Standards and ILO Basic Terms and Conditions of Employment, as well as the applicable local and national environmental, health and safety and labour-related laws, regulations and standards.
  • The scope of work encompassed the following activities:
    • Review and assessment of E&S management documents from the company’s Head Office in Egypt, the manufacturing site and four quarries;
    • Site visits to the production facility and supplier quarries;
    • Management and staff interviews at the production facility and three quarries;
    • Risk Review to identify any potential environmental and/or social issues that might threaten the project’s stability and safety;
    • Preparation of a Red Flag Report; as well as a full ESDD report.

The ESDD report included: a description of the project, and a background to the E&S context of the Sinai Peninsula, as well as findings and relevant recommendations.

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