ESIA for Canal Sugar Natural Gas Pipeline in Minya Governorate

  • Canal Sugar (CS) is in the process of implementing a project (Natural Gas Pipeline) that is considered an Associated Facility (AF) for the Integrated Beet Sugar Development Project (Beet sugar factory and land reclamation integrated facility).
  • In order to secure the natural gas needs of the Canal Sugar integrated facility, CS will be connected to the nearest existing gas line of the national grid through a 12” pipeline running along the Giza – Luxor Road in West Minya (as an associated project). CS has communicated with Nile Valley Gas Company (NVGC), a subsidiary of TAQA Power, regarding the design and implementation of the external gas pipeline.
  • CS commissioned Environics to prepare an ESIA Study (Scoped-B) for the proposed project.
  • Environics prepared the study that covered the construction and operation phases, in accordance with the Egyptian environmental legal requirements, mainly Law 4/1994 on the environment, amended by Law 9 /2009 and its modified executive regulations (ERs), as well as international conventions, IFC Performance Standards, and AfDB Operational Safeguards.
  • The Environmental and social baseline information were obtained through intensive literature review, and previous studies of project area, particularly the recent ESIAs prepared for Canal Sugar including Beet Sugar Factory and Land Reclamation and Cultivation project.
  • A field visit was carried out to gather on-land information about the project surrounding environment, collect additional qualitative environmental and social baseline information, as well as determine the presence of any sensitivity along the pipeline route.
  • The ESIA study provided: a summary of environmental legislations relevant to the project, including both national and international regulations, analyses of alternatives, assessment of potential Environmental impacts and recommendation of proper mitigation measures, as well as the Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring plan.

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