ESHIA for planned 3D seismic acquisition at North Umbaraka, Southwest Matrouh

  • Environics was commissioned by Shell Egypt N.V. (SENV) to prepare an Environmental, Social & Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) study for the onshore planned 3D seismic acquisition in North Umbaraka, as well as develop an Environmental, Social and Health Management Plan (ESHMP).
  • The ESHIA study is being prepared in accordance with the IFC/World Bank Environmental Assessment Guidelines, Shell HSSE and SP Control Framework, Industry Guidelines (as relevant).
  • The ESHIA overall objectives were to ensure that the proposed program is environmentally sound and sustainable through the achievement of the following objectives:
    • Predict, analyze and interpret the significant environmental effects of the proposed activity.
    • Provide the necessary measures to mitigate potential negative environmental impacts and enhance positive ones.
    • Devise the framework of an environmental management system for the project including the appropriate management tools.
    • Moreover, Environics was assigned to complete Form-B for the activities for approval of the Egyptian environmental affairs agency (EEAA). The Form-B will be prepared in accordance with the legal requirements of the Egyptian Environmental Law 4/1994 and its executive regulations, amendments and EEAA requirements and specific guidelines for oil and gas projects.

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