ESIA for the extension of Ezz Flat Steel (EFS) facility, Suez


Ezz Flat Steel (EFS) facility is located in the industrial area of the Gulf of Suez Development Company (GSDC), to the northwest of Sokhna Port. The facility was planning an expansion that ensures an additional production capacity of about 80%. EFS commissioned Environics to carry out the ESIA required for the proposed plant extension.

Environics conducted document reviews and site visits to prepare the ESIA, which covered the construction and operation phases of the project’s components: Direct Reduction Plant (DRP), Lime Calcining Plant (LCP), and Steel Making Plant (SMP).

The ESIA comprised:
– Policy, legal and administrative framework
– Project description, which covered the location and layout; processes; utilities; inputs; outputs, and construction.
– Description of the environment, which included:
o Physical environment: climate; air quality and noise; geology and geomorphology; geologic risks; groundwater resources, and wastewater disposal pond.
o Biological environment: ecology of the project site and hinterland, and biodiversity value.
o Socioeconomic environment: local community in the area and archaeological sites.
– Analysis of alternatives
– Environmental and social impacts and their mitigation measures, which comprised air and noise modeling
– Environmental management and monitoring plan
– Interagency coordination and public consultation

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