ESIA Studies, and Environmental & Social Scoping Studies for the 6th of October & New Capital Monorail Projects

  • The two monorail lines were to be developed by the client on behalf of the National Authority for Tunnels; one connecting 6th of October City with Central Cairo and the other connecting the New
  • Capital City with Central Cairo. The lines will connect with existing and proposed transportation systems including the Metro, the High Speed Railway (HSR), the Light Rail Train (LRT), the Cairo/
  • Alexandria Desert Road, the three ring roads as well as established microbus and bus routes.
  • Environics participated with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in carrying out the ESIA studies for these projects in 2020, as well as provided a number of services as part of their scoping studies in 2019.
  • The assignments also partly relied on the scoping study that Environics had participated in for the 6th of October Monorail Project in 2015.


Scoping Study for the 6th of October Monorail

  • Environics, in association with ERM, was commissioned to carry out the scoping required to facilitate discussion and agreement with EEAA on key focus areas for the ESIA and to meet the first stage ESIA requirements of international financial institutions.
  • The scoping aimed at:
  • Providing the necessary information on project components, ESIA consultants & stakeholders to anticipate the key environmental & social aspects of the project;
  • Provide consistent information for initial stakeholder consultation & engagement;
  • Define detailed scope of work for the ESIA to ensure that a focused and appropriate
  • assessment is undertaken to meet regulatory & lender requirements.
  • The scoping comprised:
  • Project overview, and institutional & regulatory context;
  • Method, baseline conditions, as well as baseline technical information;
  • Scoping of risks and impacts;
  • Consultation, engagement, and Stakeholder engagement plan;
  • Proposed approach to ESIA.


Scoping Study for the 6th of October & New Capital Monorails

  • Environics participation in the scoping studies included:
  • Kick-off meetings and mobilization.
  • Collection of secondary data available in Arabic.
  • Field visits (route walkovers).
  • Stakeholder engagement with the regulatory authorities.
  • Document review (including legislation).
  • Preparation of Scoping Report and Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  • Assistance in responding to client comments.


ESIA Studies for 6th of October & New Capital Monorails

  • The ESIA studies were carried out in accordance with the Egyptian laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of International Financing Institutions.
  • The studies comprised:
  • Detailed descriptions of the projects and their activities, Alternatives and Governing laws, regulations and standards;
  • ESIA approach and methodology;
  • Existing baseline conditions;
  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • Scope of the assessment & impact assessment;
  • Environmental and Social Management;
  • A Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP), which investigated risks to livelihood resources due to the project, as well as resettlement impacts, and analyzed and recommended the best means to restore these resources.

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