ESIA Study for Sanabel Tourist Resort Project in Marsa Alam


Sanabel Co. for Real Estate and Touristic Development was planning to construct a Tourist Resort on the Red Sea Coast (Quseir/Marsa Alam Touristic Sector), comprising: a hotel, residential villas, twin houses, chalets, and touristic housing, commercial and recreational area, services and utilities area, beach activities, green areas, as well as workers accommodation.

Environics reviewed previous available documents covering the area, as well as published studies and reports describing the geology, flora and fauna, and marine environment of the area. Satellite images were uploaded to identify the general ecological environment and land use in the project area. Climate data were also reviewed to determine the main climatic characteristics of the area.

In addition, a field survey was carried out for the project site and the opposite marine area, and the following specialized studies were prepared as annexes to the EIA study:

– Determination of set-back area and shoreline changes Study.
– Numerical Modeling Studies for Brine Disposal from Desalination Plant.
– Flood Risk and Protective Measures Study.

The EIA study was prepared including: project background, study objectives and used methodology, description of the proposed project, its components and main utilities, summary of the relevant Egyptian legislations, conditions of the baseline environment (physical, biological and socio-economic), project alternatives, identification and assessment of impacts during the construction and operation phases and proper mitigation measures, as well as the general framework for environmental management and monitoring plan.

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