Review of the EIA for the expansion project of Jushi Egypt for fiberglass manufacturing

  • Environics was commissioned by the General Authority for SCZone to review and provide technical opinion regarding the expansion project in Jushi Egypt Fiberglass plant.
  • The review was based on EEAA Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures’ Guidelines as well as the environmental legal requirements relevant to the project.
  • Environics conducted a field visit to Jushi Egypt Fiberglass plant to determine the location of the proposed expansions and land use around the site.
  • Based on the review of the scoped B EIA, Environics submitted a preliminary report to SC Zone encompassing the preliminary results and the required information to complete the review.
  • After reviewing the requested data, Environics issued the final report including: the aspects of compliance with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, the special requirements relevant to the industrial processes, and the environmental control and mitigation measures that guarantee the sustainability of the project’s environmental compliance.

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