Scoped EIA for Bypass Dust Landfill, Assiut

  • Building Materials Industries Company (BMIC) had established a cement factory in the heavy industrial zone of Assiut that complies with cleaner production technologies.  The factory received EEAA’s approval of its EIA study in 2009, which indicated that the bypass dust resulting from the production process was to be disposed of by landfilling in a near limestone quarry.  The company acquired the right to exploit the quarry and decided to decrease its size, which entailed changing the landfilling location, therefore requiring an EIA study for the proposed project.  BMIC commissioned Environics to carry out the EIA.
  • Environics reviewed the original EIA of the factory and conducted site visits to determine the changes that the new project would cause.  The scoped EIA of the new project included a review of the relevant laws & regulations; a description of the new landfilling location; recommended method for handling & landfilling the bypass dust; alternatives for the landfilling; the project’s environmental impacts, and the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

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