Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Marsa Matrouh—Sallum Integrated Coastal Management Plan

  • Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental “IH Cantabria,” a Spanish institution specialized in ocean science, engineering and management was awarded a contract to implement an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) project funded by Spanish International Development Cooperation.
  • The output of the project was an ICZM Plan for the area between Sallum and Marsa Matrouh.
  • A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the proposed plan was required in accordance with the EU rules, which Environics was commissioned to conduct.
  • Main Activities and Outputs:
    • Reviewed the Egyptian legal commitment supporting ICZM.
    • Proposed environmental, social, and economic indicators to assess the reference environmental conditions.
    • Analyzed sectoral plans in the area to highlight synergies and conflicts with the Marsa Matrouh Sallum Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (MSICZMP).
    • Assessed the business as usual baseline scenario, identified potential environmental impacts, and proposed mitigation measures.
    • Reviewed the general governance indicators used in ICZM process, evaluated the benefits of the proposed model of nested governance, and estimated the cost.
    • Reviewed and assessed the public participation during the planning process.
  • SEA entailed:
    • Developing a Scoping Statement of legal framework, reference conditions of the environment and development of performance indicators;
    • Reviewing consistency with other national sectoral plans;
    • Environmental sustainability; and reporting on SEA process including assessment of community/ public participation process.


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