Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for E-square Industrial Park

  • SEIA covered the different environmental components within the park including: resources consumption (water and energy), air and noise pollution, wastewater management, and solid waste management.
  • Used numerical models for determining the air dispersion, zoning and assessment of potential impacts on sensitive receptors.  The models were also designed to encompass the emissions expected to result from industries that were likely to be later added to the park.
  • Proposed actions to ensure proper environmental monitoring that would detect non-compliance of the aspects of air quality, wastewater, and noise at an early stage.
  • Recommended the development of an internal reporting system within the park, which relied on compiling electronic data in a GIS database to facilitate identifying the sources of pollution.
  • Suggested means to coordinate emergency response activities among the industrial activities in the park.
  • Comprised detailed Solid Waste Management Plan.

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