Survey of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Environmental Sector


One of the programs of the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) aimed at the promotion of SMEs. Within the scope of this program, GTZ realized the need to have an impact monitoring system for SMEs working in the fields of food, textiles, and environmental technologies and services.

The objective of this monitoring system was to evaluate and assess the program. GTZ contracted Environics to conduct a survey that would provide the basis for an overall monitoring system for SMEs in the environmental technologies and services sector.

To conduct the survey, Environics researched several companies in the fields of agro solid waste management and fertilizer industry; solar energy; water treatment, and environmental services. The survey relied on questionnaires that covered:
– General information about the companies, such as the numbers and qualifications of employees, management, sales and exports, training needs, etc.
– Companies’ demands for business development services

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