Environmental Assessment for Rice Husk Project


Hassan Steel Fabricators Ltd. had intended to start a project to process rice husk using the TORBED Technology by Torftech, which employs the Expanded Bed Reactor (EBR) process. This process entails burning out the carbonaceous fraction and producing fine silica. The heat resulting from combustion was to be used for warming greenhouses in winter. The project was to be established in a reclaimed land farm off the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

The company commissioned Environics to prepare an Environmental Assessment for the project, to be submitted to the Canadian International Development Agency.

Environics carried out field visits and document reviews to prepare the Environmental Assessment (EA) study, which covered the design, construction and operation of the rice husk plant.

The EA comprised: Project components, processes, infra structure and support facilities, and construction activities; Relevant legislative framework; Baseline environmental conditions (physical, biological and socio-economic); Identification of environmental aspects, and an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

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