Assessment of wastewater infiltration pond for Ezz Flat Steel (EFS) factory in Sokhna

Ezz Flat Steel mill has been operating in Sokhna Industrial Zone for several years to produce hot rolled coils. To serve this mill, Ezz Group had established and operated an infiltration pond for the disposal of industrial cooling water. Ezz Group commissioned Environics to carry out an assessment of the operational efficiency of the infiltration pond from an environmental perspective.

Environics first carried out a desktop study and a preliminary site visit to determine the area’s setting. This was followed by the preparation of a comprehensive fieldwork program for the study.

The study comprised a hydrological assessment to determine the impacts of the applied disposal practices on ground water within the pond’s area of influence.

The objectives of the study were to: Identify the environmental impact of the pond (as built and operated), devise optimization measures for the operational efficiency of the pond to the required level of compliance with national environmental regulations, and determine the aquifer transport parameters through carrying out pumping tests, which could serve as input to future groundwater modelling application.

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